Shalach Manot – Sponsored by Women’s Connection

On the festive holiday of Purim, we are commanded to read the Megillah, send Shalach Manot gift baskets, eat a festive meal, and donate to the poor.

Participation: $36 (twice Chai).
Contribute: Every member who donates $36 or more will receive a gift bag of treats with a greeting card listing the names of all participants. You may also choose to donate your basket to a local nursing home.  Clergy, staff, and teachers receive Shalach Manot as a thank you gift.
Pick-up: At Temple March 2 to March 8.
Donate: Gift baskets left at the end of the day on March 8 will be donated to a local nursing home.

All orders must be placed by February 19.


Please note, if you do not wish one of the baskets; please check the box below and the gift bag will be donated to a local nursing home.