kol nidre 2023

Support our Kol Nidre Appeal

Dear Fellow Congregant:

As we approach the end of summer and start to think about the upcoming new year, 5784, I ask that you take a few minutes to reflect on the significance to you of being Jewish.

I imagine that what is important to each of us may vary significantly: whether that’s feeling a strong spiritual connection through services; or enjoying the warmth and comfort of a welcoming and caring community; or maintaining and strengthening a connection to the land of Israel; or the pride of being part of a tradition, culture and religion that our forebearers and ancestors have practiced for thousands (!) of years through countless trials and tribulations. In every case, belonging to the Reform Temple of Forest Hills surely plays an integral role.

RTFH serves not only as a physical home that provides all the wonderful programs that foster and support these core elements of being Jewish today, but also as a spiritual home that enables each of us to be part of both our small community and the Jewish community at large.

Despite being a relatively small congregation, RTFH offers all the services and programming that larger congregations offer, all in our signature warm and inclusive way. In order to continue to be a “full service” synagogue, RTFH needs to raise significant funds through the Kol Nidre appeal and other fundraising. Our membership contributions (dues) only cover one-half of our total costs each year, and our reserves are not sufficient to cover the shortfall for more than 2-4 years.

So, as you reflect on what is important to you about being Jewish, please also think about how you can help RTFH in supporting what you care about and consider a Kol Nidre donation this year that fully reflects this significance to you.

Thank you,

Lior Evan

Kol Nidre Chair