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October 3, 20

Dear Congregants,

As leaders of this year’s Kol Nidre appeal, we all have one thing in common – three generations of RTFH membership. In looking at our photos where RTFH is prominent through the years, we appreciate leadership and clergy’s ability to be creative and nimble during these changing times. We are blessed to have a vibrant, supportive and loving community. 

During the Days of Awe, we reflect on what is important in our lives and feel grateful that Temple is always there for us and our families. The Temple offers a spiritual space and a warm environment that spills over into our homes and hearts. Even in these challenging times we are safe, we are together. Reflecting on the Book of Life encourages us to explore the principles of Judaism both in our daily and spiritual lives. 

Our Temple’s ability to retain such dedicated clergy and staff and to offer numerous, varied programs, requires funding well beyond what we collect from dues and religious school fees. In fact, our Board of Trustees keeps dues lower than the national average based on a URJ survey. Our annual budget depends on the Kol Nidre Appeal to raise $30,000.

We appreciate that everyone has different financial circumstances, but we ask you to give what you can. 

I encourage you to think about what Temple has meant to you and your family whether you are joining for the first time or you have been part of our Temple family for years.

Temple has been there for me and my family. Will you be there for Temple now?


This is Us.

Kol Nidre Co-Chairs,

Stephanie C.

Micky J.

Maya P.


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October 3, 20