Beit Midrash (Educational Activities)

Lifelong Jewish learning is a journey. The Reform Temple of Forest Hills is committed to providing a variety of educational programs to all members. The range from Religious School and family education through adult classes provides a myriad of choices.

Adult Education – Promotes Life Long Learning through a variety of classes, seminars, breakfasts, formal and informal themed meetings, and discussions throughout the year. We explore spiritual themes while learning and exploring Shabbat and the holidays. Programs enhance the cycle of holidays as well as explore our rich heritage and texts. These are complemented by the Sunday Morning Breakfast Series of lectures and forums with guest speakers.

Confirmation – In the Confirmation program (10th Grade), students are challenged to think about their individual beliefs, and how they can create for themselves a meaningful Jewish life.

Library – Our library has books on a variety of subjects for both adults and children, and offers special read-aloud sessions and circulation for our Religious School students.

Parents Association – The PA helps parents actively support educational activities so that we may raise our children with a moral center based on liberal Jewish beliefs.

Religious School – The Religious School provides an education for our children which connects them to their heritage, encouraging them through their Jewish identity to be members of the Jewish community and to seek further study of Judaism as a way of life. The religious school from pre-kindergarten through high school graduation is committed to family education. 

Rosh Chodesh– Rosh Chodesh is our women’s study group that meets monthly for service, meditation, and sessions with visiting Rabbis to study portions of Torah and examine them in today’s context.

Youth Groups (Junior and Senior, including ToFHY) – Youth groups provide opportunities for leadership, friendship and social action. Adult supervision is provided by our Youth Group Advisors.