About Us

Our tradition teaches us that the world rests on three pillars – Torah, Prayer, and Acts of Loving Kindness. In 1994, four historic congregational communities united under this shared vision. Today, we are one vibrant congregation: The Reform Temple of Forest Hills.
Our successful consolidation enabled The Reform Temple of Forest Hills to evolve into one of the finest Reform Jewish spiritual and cultural centers in New York. We are a magnet for those in our community who want to learn and grow — for those who want to have a place to call their spiritual home with an inclusive sense of community, and who want their children and grandchildren to understand what it means to be a Jew in modern society.
Ever since we began our journey in 1994, God has blessed us with much success and with a growing membership. Our Religious School keeps innovation at the forefront, including family education and intergenerational practices that include connections to the greater Jewish community and the State of Israel. The Reform Temple of Forest Hills continues to enrich our connections to each other, to our community, and to our faith.
Our Vision

Our Temple will serve as a Jewish home away from home for each of its congregants.


On Shabbat, on special holidays and throughout the year, its Sanctuary and rooms will be filled with people of all ages actively engaged in Jewish learning and living. With Torah at the center of its life, its children and families shall be offered a religious education that fosters the formation of a strong Jewish identity.


As a community in which the views of all congregants are respected, our Temple will be a safe place where any question can be explored, and where the search for answers is in itself the journey. Through the diverse and enriching activities of its congregants, our Temple will link its members to the larger Jewish community.