ToFHY Programming

ToFHY Programming

 Overview/Goals: Students will become ambassadors of Judaism

-Knowing (Jewish identity):

 Students will formulate their individual perception of what it means to be Jewish as an emerging adult (in NY, globally) Program ideas: Musical artists, bhukarian Teen community, Forest Hills Jewish center teens, programs on Jewish authenticity (panel of Reconstructionist, Conservative, Reform, Orthodox rabbis), tallit or ritual object making, students make internet videos for Pesach and Chanukah – educational or fun

-Doing (Social Action/Justice):

 Students will Use a hands on approach to engage in mitzvot and social action activities to reinforce the notion of tikkun olam as vital to their own understanding of Judaism in the world.

 Program ideas: HUC soup kitchen visit, NFTY NAR Social Justice day, Mirala Goldsmith (water hyrdrafracking issues), taking them to work with homeless on streets of Manhattan, biker holiday visits, mitzvah day

-Believing (Leadership):

 Students will understand what it means to be the chosen people and what responsibility they each have as part of the Jewish people.

 Program ideas: LTI, Advisor and kids develop student programming on how to make “Jewish choices”, have them develop and lead Tu B’shvar Seder for high school, have them sign up to usher for Services and holidays in rotating basis, big bro/big sis program with incoming 6th and 7th graders (joint ushering), informational session on NFTY/TOFHY board and procedures

-Belonging (Jewish vitality):

 Students will begin to think about and question their own continued future of Judaism in their lives AND the impact that this connection has to the greater Jewish world and future.

 Program ideas: Musical artists, programs on dating and marriage in context of Judaism, value of Jewish camp, Value of joining synagogue, campaign for youth engagement, museum trips (holocaust museum, Jewish museum)

Long range plan for 5 year themes:

 1) Chosen People/Jewish Responsibility

 2) Mitzvot

 3) Torah

 4) God

 5) Israel