The goal of our Temple oForest Hills Youth High School (ToFHY High) program is to continue to foster a connection for our students to Reform Judaism, tzedakah, Israel, and to events that affect their lives. We bring in outside speakers to provide opportunities for our students to learn about the world in which they are currently involved, as well as issues they may face as the years progress. ToFHY High is an informal setting that gives the students an opportunity to share their ideas in a forum of their peers. Grades 8 – 12 meet as a group with a community-building dinner to start off each session. We recognize the workload and stresses of high school, and for this reason we understand when a student is absent. Students will have an opportunity to choose electives through the year. There will be grade-oriented sessions as well as cross-graded programming. Our ToFHY High program is in essence a piece of our Senior Youth Group for Grades 8 – 12.