High Holy Days Memorial Book

Our Book of Remembrance is an important tradition at RTFH. This booklet contains the names of our loved ones. Sharing these names as a community memorializes them in our collective memories.

This year, the book will be created digitally and will be displayed during services on Yom Kippur day. The digital Book of Remembrance will be available for download on this site.

Creating a digital book allows us to also include photographs. If you would like to submit a picture in honor of a loved one, please either send the picture electronically to services@rtfh.org or upload it below.

Please submit the names you wish to be listed no later than August 27. We would appreciate a minimum donation of $10.00 per name for the listing and a donation of $18 for each photograph you would like to include.  Please use the additional donation field on your Book of Remembrance entry for payment for your photo submissions. 

To add your names, click here to log into ChaverWeb.