Faye Gilman, Educational Leader

Faye GilmanFaye Gilman joined the Reform Temple of Forest Hills as Educational Leader in September 2007. During her 17 years in the field of Religious School education, Faye has earned a reputation as a caring and dedicated advocate for her students. She has also made her mark with her efforts toward curriculum development and innovative programming for school-wide events and family education seminars.

In order to remain current with the trends and new directions of religious education, Faye has committed herself to continuing her own development in this regard. Faye was a member of the first cohort of the Leadership Institute – a joint venture with Hebrew Union College (HUC) and Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). Faye has utilized the foundations of these programs not only to enhance the Religious School experience for her students, but also to provide professional learning and staff development opportunities for her faculty members.

In 2009, The Reform Temple of Forest Hills joined the Jewish Education Project’s program LOMED.  This program has brought new levels of relationship building and commitment to the program.  The staff of the school meets regularly for professional learning that is lead by faculty members as well as Faye.  This has lead to numerous new ideas and programs that have enhanced the educational process here.  We are guided by our vision and strive to develop programs that align with these ideas.  You can find Faye’s Educational Philosophy on our Religious School page or by clicking here.

In 2013, Faye continued to expand her knowledge base by taking part in the Greening Fellowship Isabella Friedman Jewish Retreat Center.