Efrat DanielyEfrat Daniely

As an educator of 36 years, I had the privilege of working with kids of varying ages and abilities. For the past 19 years at Kesher LD (Miami, FL), I cultivated students’ minds and developed a program. During that time, as a teacher and later department chair, I worked and established Elementary, Middle, and High School curriculum for the Hebrew Department, and was responsible for all respective teacher trainings.

Aside from teaching Hebrew as a second language, a core value I hold dear through the years is ensuring the children grow with strong Jewish values. My mission is to instill the love of Israel, teach the Hebrew language, and strengthen the Jewish roots of our students.
Prior to my years at Kesher LD, I worked with Kindergarten age children for 17 years both in Tel Aviv and Miami.
As with any successful venture, I was fortunate to work with colleagues which through collaboration, helped ensure my vision came to life. To that end, with my move to NY, opening a new chapter near my family, I look forward to a strong collaborative partnership working in The Reform Temple of Forest Hills.

E-mail: edaniely@rtfh.org