2016-17 Calendar


October  RSVP!
4th/5th Grade 10/23 RSVP Here!
2nd/3rd Grade 10/30 RSVP Here!
PreK/1st Grade 11/20 RSVP Here!
6th/7th Grade 12/4 RSVP Here!
4th/5th Grade 12/11 RSVP Here!
Chanukah Concert! All ages 12/18  
6th/7th Grade 1/8 RSVP Here!
2nd/3rd Grade 1/29 RSVP Here!
6th/7th Grade 2/5 RSVP Here!
4th/5th Grade 2/12 RSVP Here!
Purim Carnival! All ages 3/12  
6th/7th Grade 3/19 RSVP Here!
PreK/1st Grade 3/26 RSVP Here!
Mitzvah Day! All ages 4/1  
2nd/3rd Grade 4/16 RSVP Here!
Pet Blessing! All ages 4/23  
4th/5th Grade 4/30 RSVP Here!
6th/7th Grade 5/7 RSVP Here!
End of Year Celebration! All ages 5/21 RSVP Here!

Contact Julie Smelansky, Youth Group Director, at jsmelansky@rtfh.org with any questions

Senior Youth Group

Click here for ToFHY High– If you are in grades Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve this is your Senior youth group.