Women’s Connection of The Reform Temple of Forest Hills wishes you a great year ahead, and we hope you will include us in your plans for an enriching year. We are women of all ages who are united by our dedication to Temple life, affiliation with Women of Reform Judaism and the spirituality of Rosh Chodesh rituals. We aspire to fulfill every individual’s potential through study, celebration of festivals, programming and Tzedakah.

Thanks to your support, we are able to build community by celebrating holidays, engaging in intergenerational activities, planning dynamic programs and materially supporting the Temple.

Here are just a few of the activities that we enjoy:

Co-sponsor Onegs; decorate the Bema for Sukkot; host Chanukah Dinners and Community Seders; run the Judaica Gift Shop; send Rosh Hashana cards, Shaloch Manot Baskets, Good Will cards and more!

We give gifts for life cycle events; host the Fall Festival Lunch and the Spring Celebration Lunch; maintain Birthday Connection.
We also partner with Religious School and College Connection.

If you are a new Temple member, our gift to you is membership in Women’s Connection.
For all, please come to our meetings and events where you are always welcome.


Women’s Connection Officers

~~We are Guided by the traditions of the past   And we embrace the promise of the future~~